Meds & The exhausted sloth

So, I had to take medication to attempt to make me function ‘normally’ each day; I was nervous and confused about this (still am a bit!) as didn’t like the idea of pumping my body with a load of chemicals and worried about the side effects and how it would affect me. Though I must admit some of the side effects could be quite interesting – impulsive behavior such as over spending and insatiable sex drive!! – So, I could blame the drugs for my shopping habits and hubby couldn’t stay mad for long ‘wink wink’; surely a win win situation?

I was prescribed Madopar starting off on a low dose increasing over a few weeks until reaching the desired dose; this was to give my brain Dopamine which is the chemical that is lacking in Parkinson’s Disease. It helped with the movement symptoms such as being able to walk without shuffling or stumbling or in discomfort from the muscle tension/rigidity; to move quicker than a snail’s pace and can feel something close to normal.

Slowness of movement is one of my main symptoms which can be very frustrating. I was in Aldi not long after diagnosis (kids need feeding & life goes on); if you have never been to Aldi it is an experience in itself! As you can’t pack your shopping at the till you have to take on the cashier who scans and throws your shopping at you as fast as Usain Bolt and re-load your trolley before packing elsewhere.

Well as a Parkinson’s warrior this is challenging as rather than Usain Bolt I moved more like an exhausted sloth!! The cashier in question had served me previously and made a similar comment (pre-diagnosis) and here she was again but this time I had reason for my slowness ….

Cashier: ‘You are going to have to hurry up love…’

I hate confrontation but inside I was boiling with anger and on the verge of tears at the same time…. this is me ‘hurrying up’ I thought; I felt like punching her in the face…. Then the image of me trying to throw a punch popped into my head…. imagine super slow motion, her staring at me eating her lunch, knitting a scarf, painting her nails and reading an entire book before my punch lands like a gentle tap which she hardly notices!!! …. Well that made me chuckle and I proceeded to go even slower!!

I digress; so, the medication was a success I had no adverse side effects and could move a lot more freely, quicker and more spontaneously than before, it was great. The symptoms were still there and the effectiveness of the meds fluctuated day by day but it meant I found new hope for the future and got a fire in my belly to fight this and like the Aldi scenario stick 2 fingers up to the ‘Pesky P’ and show my boys that when life knocks you down you get back up and don’t say ‘Why Me’ but say ‘Try Me’!

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