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Updated: Jan 7

Who am I? …. errrmm I wonder that myself some days when the brain fog sets in!! hahaha …. seriously?…. I am a what is known in the new ‘club’ I have found myself in as a Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease sufferer (though I much prefer warrior). This is the term used to describe people diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease that are of working age.

I live in Staffordshire in the UK and was diagnosed in August 2016 at the age of 35; I have 2 sons (age 1 & 4 at the time of diagnosis), a long term boyfriend of 20 plus years (yes not married but that’s another story).

I decided to begin a blog for a few reasons; I found a passion for writing short snippets to process my thoughts and give my friends and family an insight into what I was dealing with. I also found it quite hard to find people in a similar situation as me; I was advised that my local support groups would not be beneficial to me due to them being attended by the older generation and not geared towards younger parky’s. I also found the comments on a lot of the social media pages were quite negative and filled me with fear and dread for the future.

I am quite a positive person always trying to find the best in people and situations as well as fiercely stubborn, independent and determined! Therefore I refuse to let this disease define me; I refuse to be ashamed or embarrassed by it and am always open and honest when asked about it and always look for the positive in every situation or challenge I find myself faced with being a great believer in fate and that everything happens for a reason. Yes I had Parkinsons Disesase but I was still me, I still had 2 sons, a life and a future ahead of me so why waste it wallowing or feeling defeated; I was going to face this head on and take it as an opportunity to seriously review my life and reprioritise.

So after receiving some lovely feedback and comments following some Facebook posts (plus a couple of suggestions to start a blog) here I am writing a blog in the attempt to hopefully help you my fellow parky warrior; whether young or not so young to manage, fight and have a more positive outlook as we find our way on this new path we have found ourselves on.

Hope it helps or at least brings a little humour and light heartedness into your day.

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