My name is Charlotte, I am a mom to two boys and I was diagnosed with young onset parkinsons in 2016 aged 35 whilst on maternity leave with my youngest boy. 

I'm on a mission to raise awareness. To inspire positivity and hopefully raise some much needed funds for the Parkinson's community (a donation will be made from each product purchased). Here you will find a selection of hoodies and Tee's to uplift, inspire, educate and instigate conversation. Whether you are a PWP (person with Parkinson's), carer, family member or a friend who wishes to support the cause, our hand printed designs are suitable for all. Due to many of our designs not being Parkinsons exclusive we hope to appeal to all. As the whole point of raising awareness is to reach people outside of the Parkinsons community (pwp already know all about Parkinsons!)

I quickly realised Parkinsons was so much more than a tremor that affected older people! After all I don't have a tremor & not what I class as old (though I feel it most days lately).  

In the early stages it is often dubbed as an 'invisible disability' making it hard for people to fully understand the challenges faced. 

I started blogging under the name Young Happy Parky and after receiving positive feedback I realised I wanted to do more to try and educate, uplift, support and raise funds for much needed research and the parkinsons community.

It can be incredibly difficult to talk about illness and our daily struggles which can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression. Here at Young Happy Parky we are a great believer in positive thinking, humor and spreading awareness. So this is the basis when creating products; to help instigate those difficult conversions, encouraging some much needed laughter which naturally helps us feel more positive. As after all sometimes if we didn't laugh we would cry!

I hope you find joy in the products as well as comfort and little bit of humour that you are not alone and you have a future; albeit a more challenging one; yet it can still be full of fun and happiness by embracing the challenge life has thrown at you.